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Much Ado About…The New & Improved “Much Ado About Blogging”!

Posted by Krei Teylorr on June 2, 2009

Welcome to Much Ado About Blogging, the blog about EVERYTHING!

My name’s Tramayne and I’m a recent graduate of Syracuse University. Join me as I navigate the growing pains of post-grad life, while building a professional career and managing an active social calendar. This blog will detail my adventures in discovering more about myself and the world around me, complete with my personal spin on current events in news and entertainment news and highlights of my personal favorites in fun “Much Ado About…” features. 

I can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned for more!


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Happy New Year from Much Ado About Blogging!

Posted by Krei Teylorr on January 3, 2009


Happy New Year to you

 from us at

Much Ado About Blogging!

Here at Much Ado About Blogging, we strive to keep our readers informed and entertained. So in 2009, we’re bringing you the most comprehensive news and entertainment that the Internet has to offer!

Our resolution is to join the ranks of the more popular gossip sites on the Internet and to become the most definitive of the bunch. Help us reach our goal by spreading the word!:  Add Much Ado About Blogging to your bookmarks/favorites/blog roll/MySpace and tell a friend…or twenty!

As always, we’d love to hear from you:

Send e-mail to

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Here’s wishing you a safe, happy, and prosperous 2009!

❤ Krei


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Home Sweet Home

Posted by Krei Teylorr on December 12, 2008

My apologies, folks! It’s been a bit chaotic as of late, packing up my new life and now, trying to merge it with the old. I’ve arrived safely in the States and am in the process of trying to get my life together; I’ve got to unpack, re-organize, and among other things, find a J-O-B (I see the recession has shown no mercy on you guys. And I thought I was suffering over there with the exchange rate.) 

I’ve enjoyed my time overseas tremendously, and although I’m glad to be home, I know I will miss London terribly. If anyone is considering traveling or living abroad, my best advice would be not to let anything, large or small, hold you back. Do it! Its one of the few things in life worth going into debt over. 

Anyway, I just wanted you all to know I was safe and sound. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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London Girls Like to Party All the Time!

Posted by Krei Teylorr on December 10, 2008

So much for packing! 

No, I am packing. Seriously. 

But packing your life away in a suitcase forces you to reminisce over past purchase greats and mistakes. And all my purchases in London have been well worth it!

Being in London has greatly enhanced my sense of style. Usually before I go out with friends, I blow $20 on a sequined lycra top that would look great with a pair of jeans, but not if I ever wore it again. The top would either disintegrate in the wash or get lost is a friend’s closet. Clearly not a worthwhile investment.

 In London, the girls here dress, and I mean dress, to go to a club. You’d think Cinderella and her other ball loving Princess friends came to get down. And of course you know who Prince Charming is looking at!

I’ve purchased a few really cute party dresses since I’ve been here, which are great because they’re so versatile! For the price of three or four sparkly tops that I’ll never, ever wear again, I bought show-stopping dresses that I can dress up or dress down for any occasion. I always find that I’m running around looking for things to wear whenever I get an invitation somewhere, so these dresses will really come in handy in ’09. 

Here are pictures of two dresses that I bought early November when one of my best friends visited. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have them. I was so afraid to spend money (the exchange rate was no joke!). But I have ’em and they’re soon to be packed and unveiled in America:


Black/White/Red plaid dress with faux-croc skin clutch in Red, New Look

Black/White/Red plaid dress with faux-croc skin clutch in Red, New Look

I wore this dress with some red kitten heels and a matching clutch that I bought last year. I rocked it with a black cardigan which gave me a sort of modern preppy look. It was cute. I’d like to spice it up with some high heels and maybe a Blair Waldorf style headband. Here’s close-up of the clutch:


Faux croc skin clutch in Red, New Look

Faux croc skin clutch in Red, New Look

Here’s another dress I purchased that weekend, from a really posh store called River Island. I wore it to a Thanksgiving celebration a few of my classmates and I had:


Strapless dress with sequins, River Island

Strapless dress with sequins, River Island

I love it. It’s part of my What Would Rhianna Wear? (W.W.R.W?) inspiration series. I think Rhianna is the perfect style icon for me in the new year. 



Close up of the bodice

Close up of the bodice

The sequins form a skyline on the bodice. Perfect for a night on the town in the big city. 

There’s other dresses to share, and I promise to do it later. But right now, I’m off to pick up a pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing since I got here. I didn’t think I’d get them but if I;m still thinking about them months later, doesn’t that mean I really want them?

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The Last Hurrah-Pt. 1

Posted by Krei Teylorr on December 10, 2008

Hey guys! As you may know, I’ve been in London for the past three months, taking classes and living the glam life. But it all comes to an end today!

Yes, today is my last full day in London. I can’t believe it. In the beginning, it felt as if this day would never come and now that its here, its surreal. This whole experience has been surreal. I still can’t believe I’m in London sometimes!

I’ll be spending the majority of my day packing, re-packing, and maybe doing some last minute shopping (as if I can afford it), so my posts will be few and far between today. But to make it up to you guys, I’ll be staying up all night waiting for my flight, so I’ll make sure to bring you the news you need to know! As well as some reflections on my time in London. I’m feelin’ a little nostalgic!

Catch ya later!

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Much Ado About…Blogging!

Posted by Krei Teylorr on December 4, 2008

Welcome to Much Ado About Blogging

I’m your hostess, Krei Teylorr, and I’ll be delivering to you the latest in fashion, beauty, news and entertainment, wrapped up in thought-provoking insights, whimsical spins and witty banter, complete with a pretty pink Carrie Bradshaw-esque bow on top!

This blog was inspired by a combination of some of my favorite blog sites (see my BlogRoll [right] and pay them a visit!), my own journalistic aspirations and obsession with everything pop culture. Read more about me and the site in the About Me and About This Blog pages [right]

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, its time to start BLOGGING!

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