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Portobello Road & Market

Posted by Krei Teylorr on December 6, 2008


After spending three months in London, I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t yet seen all that London has to offer. Of course I’ve seen all the famous attractions, like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, but I was never pressed to sightsee because, well, I thought I’d have time. I definitely took the length of my stay here for granted. At times it felt like this experience was never going to end! But now that it is, I’m running around like a chicken without a head trying to cram in all the stuff people all over the world come to see so that I can have pretty pictures for Facebook and maybe even a funny story. 

Today, a friend and I visited the Portobello Road Market, one of the more famous outdoor markets in London.  Portobello is most noted for its antique goods, though there is also a fresh food market as well. You can find lots of quirky gifts here. It’d be the perfect sort of thing for someone who has a very unique, or eclectic style (such as myself :-)). I bought a pretty purple dress for £15 and got two rings, which were £5 a piece (I’ll put pics up soon). 

Saturday is the main shopping day and to say that it can get pretty crowded would be an understatement. You’d think that they were giving away money! 

Take a picture under the Portobello Road street sign. Or you can buy a souvenir street sign for £5-10, depending on the size. Portobello Road

I thought that prices were reasonable, even though vintage goods can be pretty pricey. Usually, vendors will be open to negotiation. The guy who I bought my dress from wasn’t, but hey. It never hurts to try. 

Where: Portobello Road Market 

Gettting There: Central Line to Notting Hill Station  or Hammersmith and City Line to Ladbroke Grove Station

Why You’ll Like It: Unique finds, lively atmosphere

Why You’ll Hate It: Crowds, inclement weather (remember, its an outdoor market. Be sure to visit on a day when the weather is tolerable)

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