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Damn, O.J.! Damn!

Posted by Krei Teylorr on December 5, 2008


Simpson Awaits Sentence

Simpson Awaits Sentence


At 61 years old, former football star O.J. Simpson should be enjoying his retirement and old age on a compound some place warm with women less than half his age doing the things that retired celebrity bachelors do (I mean, we already know spending time with the wife and kids are out of the question). Instead, he’ll be spending apart of his golden years, maybe even the rest of them, in prison. 

Simpson will spend a minimum of six years in prison, and could be held for life if the judge imposes the maximum penalties for the 12 charges he was convicted of in October.

Life?! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

Simpson was convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping and assault on October 3, 2007, thirteen years after he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her “friend” Ronald Goldman. Since his recent conviction, Simpson has been living in a small jail cell in the Clark County Detention center , in solitary confinement.

In court papers filed this week, defense attorney Gabe Grasso wrote that O.J. Simpson was “clearly … not using good judgment” when he led a group of men into a room at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to take sports memorabilia from dealers Bruce Fromong and Al Beardsley. But Simpson deserves a lighter sentence as a first-time offender who showed no criminal intent, Grasso wrote.

“Simpson was not an individual storming a bank and taking property that belonged to others. This was an individual who truly believed he was not committing a crime and that the law permitted the recovery of one’s own property,” the memorandum read. 

I hear Ron Goldman’s family is thrilled at the possibility that Simpson is facing life, and that they will be in attendance at this afternoon’s trial. 

Stay tuned for the update!

UPDATE: O.J. Simpson has been sentenced to serve a minimum of 9 years in prison. Damn. Read the story here.


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